October 21, 1972

Here are all the facts you need to know about your birthday on Saturday, October 21, 1972:

🕰️ Born into › Generation X
🎉 Next birthday will be on › Tuesday
🎂 How many days until my birthday ›

Countdown time to your next birthday:

🍿 Number one movie › The Godfather
🎮 Number one video game › Pong
🎵 Number one song › "My Ding-A-Ling" by Chuck Berry

🐀 Chinese Zodiac › Rat
☀️ Sun Sign › Libra
💨 Zodiac Element › Air
🌠 Zodiac Quality › Cardinal
🪐 Ruling Planet › Venus ♀
🐼 Spirit Animal › Raven

🔢 Life Path Number › 5
🌼 Birth flower › Marigold
🪨 Birthstone › Opal and Tourmaline
📅 Lucky day › Friday
Power Color › Pink

⛽ Gas price per gallon › $0.36

🏛️ President of United States ›
🌎 World population › 3,851,545,181 Source: un.org

⚡️ You’ve traveled over 30,240,000,000 miles through the Milky Way.
⚡️ You have blinked over 462,672,000 times in your lifetime
⚡️ Your heart beat over 2,177,280,000 times.
⚡️ You have taken about 3,175,200,000 steps.
⚡️ You have taken about 381,024,000 breaths since your birth.

⏱️ Your billionth (1,000,000,000) second was on June 29, 2004.

What happened on my birthday

Battle of Trafalgar: British Admiral Horatio Nelson defeats combined French and Spanish fleet. Nelson shot and killed during battle.

Florence Nightingale with a staff of 38 nurses is sent to the Crimean War.

World War II: US troops capture Aachen, 1st large German city to fall.

UN rejects Russian proposal to destroy atomic weapons.

Chinese forces occupy Tibet.

Military coup by Burundi President Ndadaye; 525,000 Hutus flee.

Famous people with my birthday

Paula Kelly, American dancer, choreographer, and actress (Night Court, 1984 - "Liz")

Aaron Tveit, American actor (Tony award for Moulin Rouge!)

Jeremy Miller, American actor (Ben Seaver-Growing Pains)

Tom Everett, American actor

John Flaherty, American baseball catcher (Tampa Bay Devil Rays, New York Yankees) and broadcaster (YES Network, NY Yankees)

Felicity Andersen, Australian actress

Mark Finch, film festival organiser

Glen Powell, American actor (Top Gun: Maverick)

Holidays on Saturday, October 21st

American Frog Day
American Frog Day is a special day where people across the country celebrate and learn about frogs, with the date and place changing each year based on who decides to set up the fun events.

National Apple Day
National Apple Day, celebrated on October 21st, is all about enjoying and appreciating apples in every form, from pies to sauces, encouraging everyone to try different kinds and celebrate this favorite fruit together.

​Back to the Future Day
Back to the Future Day, celebrated on October 21, marks the day when characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the future in the iconic 1985 movie, becoming a special day for fans to celebrate the film's impact and its vision of the future.

National Pets for Veterans Day
National Pets for Veterans Day, celebrated on October 21st, honors the role of service animals like Bear in helping veterans heal, by promoting the idea of veterans adopting pets for therapeutic companionship.

National Reptile Day
National Reptile Day, celebrated on October 21, is all about appreciating reptiles like snakes and lizards, learning how important they are to our world, and helping to protect them and their homes.


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