June 23, 1972

Here are all the facts you need to know about your birthday on Friday, June 23, 1972:

🕰️ Born into › Generation X
🎉 Next birthday will be on › Tuesday
🎂 How many days until my birthday ›

Countdown time to your next birthday:

🍿 Number one movie › The Godfather
🎮 Number one video game › Pong
🎵 Number one song › "The Candy Man" by Sammy Davis Jr.

🐀 Chinese Zodiac › Rat
☀️ Sun Sign › Cancer
🌊 Zodiac Element › Water
🌠 Zodiac Quality › Cardinal
🪐 Ruling Planet › Moon ☽
🐼 Spirit Animal › Woodpecker

🔢 Life Path Number › 3
🌼 Birth flower › Rose
🪨 Birthstone › Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite
📅 Lucky day › Monday
Power Color › Silver

⛽ Gas price per gallon › $0.36

🏛️ President of United States ›
🌎 World population › 3,851,545,181 Source: un.org

⚡️ You’ve traveled over 30,440,000,000 miles through the Milky Way.
⚡️ You have blinked over 465,732,000 times in your lifetime
⚡️ Your heart beat over 2,191,680,000 times.
⚡️ You have taken about 3,196,200,000 steps.
⚡️ You have taken approximately 383,544,000 breaths since your birth.

⏱️ Your billionth (1,000,000,000) second was on March 1, 2004.

What happened on my birthday

World's oldest parliament, the Icelandic Parliament, the Alþingi (anglicised as Althing or Althingi), established.

Christopher Latham Sholes patents the typewriter with a QWERTY keyboard.

1st contraceptive pill is made available for purchase in the U.S.

Hurricane Agnes becomes America's costliest natural disaster, effecting 15 states, with 119 deaths and $3 billion in damage.

1st extraterrestrial message sent from Earth into space.

Supertramp's "Breakfast in America" becomes No. 1 album in the US featuring "Take the Long Way Home".

Brexit referendum: United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union.

Famous people with my birthday

Tatsuya Uemura, Japanese arcade game musician and programmer

Martin Klebba, American actor

Emmanuelle Vaugier, Canadian actress (CSI:NY; Lost Girl)

Pawo Choyning Dorji, Bhutanese filmmaker (The Monk and the Gun)

Maggie Greenwald, American film director and writer

Kevin Yagher, TV/film special effects technician

Russ "Rusty" Thacker, American stage actor and singer

Joel Edgerton, Australian actor

Holidays on Friday, June 23rd

National Pink Day
National Pink Day, celebrated every June 23rd, is all about embracing and celebrating the color pink, its cultural significance, and its historical meanings, highlighting its association with femininity, sensitivity, and everything fun and vibrant.

Let it Go Day
Let It Go Day is like a special day when you decide to stop letting the bad stuff from the past bother you, so you can feel happier and move on with your life.

National Porridge Day
National Porridge Day, celebrated on June 23, is a day to enjoy and appreciate the delicious and healthy meal of porridge, often topped with fruits and sweets, that people all over the world love to eat for breakfast.

Women in Engineering Day
Women in Engineering Day is a special day celebrated on June 23rd every year to honor and spotlight the amazing women who are making big changes in the world of engineering, inspired by a group that started over 100 years ago.

National Take Your Dog to Work Day
National Take Your Dog to Work Day is a fun holiday on the Friday after Father's Day where you get to bring your dog to your workplace, making the day more enjoyable for everyone.


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