July 17, 1973

Here are all the facts you need to know about your birthday on Tuesday, July 17, 1973:

🕰️ Born into › Generation X
🎉 Next birthday will be on › Thursday
🎂 How many days until my birthday ›

Countdown time to your next birthday:

🍿 Number one movie › The Sting
🎮 Number one video game › Space Race
🎵 Number one song › "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce

🐂 Chinese Zodiac › Ox
☀️ Sun Sign › Cancer
🌊 Zodiac Element › Water
🌠 Zodiac Quality › Cardinal
🪐 Ruling Planet › Moon ☽
🐼 Spirit Animal › Woodpecker

🔢 Life Path Number › 8
🌼 Birth flower › Larkspur
🪨 Birthstone › Ruby
📅 Lucky day › Monday
Power Color › Silver

⛽ Gas price per gallon › $0.39

🏛️ President of United States ›
🌎 World population › 3,927,538,695 Source: un.org

⚡️ You’ve traveled over 29,763,200,000 miles through the Milky Way.
⚡️ You have blinked over 455,376,960 times in your lifetime
⚡️ Your heart beat over 2,142,950,400 times.
⚡️ You have taken about 3,125,136,000 steps.
⚡️ You have taken about 375,016,320 breaths since your birth.

⏱️ Your billionth (1,000,000,000) second was on March 25, 2005.

What happened on my birthday

6 inhabitants of Carthage, North Africa executed for being Christians. Earliest record of Christianity in this part of the world.

Siege of Constantinople begins during the fourth Crusade, Crusaders aboad a Venetian fleet attack the city.

Catherine II becomes tsarina of Russia following the murder of Peter III.

The Romanov royal family and several of their retainers are executed by a Bolshevik firing squad in the basement of Ipatiev House, in Yekaterinburg, Siberia.

Spanish generals Francisco Franco and Emilio Mola lead a right-wing uprising, starting the Spanish Civil War.

Potsdam Conference (Truman, Stalin, Churchill) holds 1st meeting.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 is shot down over Eastern Ukraine by a Buk surface-to-air missile launched from pro-Russian separatist-controlled territory, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board.

Famous people with my birthday

Denise Miller, American actress (Billie-Archie Bunker's Place)

Justine Triet, French filmmaker (Anatomy of a Fall)

Bruce Wells, English boxer (European amateur light middleweight champion 1953) and actor (Dr. Who 1965-73)

Cécile de France, Belgian actress

Brooke Kinsella, British actress (Eastenders)

Catherine Schell [Katherina Freiin Schell von Bauschlott], Hungarian-born British actress (two Pink Panther films)

John Carroll [Julian LaFaye], American actor (Flying Tigers, Go West)

Beth Littleford, American comedian

Holidays on Tuesday, July 17th

National Tattoo Day
National Tattoo Day, celebrated on July 17, is a day to explore and appreciate the art and cultural significance of tattoos, a form of body art created by inserting ink into the skin to make permanent designs.

National Peach Ice Cream Day
National Peach Ice Cream Day, celebrated on July 17th, is a fun holiday where everyone enjoys eating delicious peach-flavored ice cream to beat the summer heat.

Wrong Way Corrigan Day
Wrong Way Corrigan Day celebrates the adventurous pilot who, on July 17, famously flew from New York to Ireland instead of California, claiming he went the "wrong way" by mistake.

National Lottery Day
National Lottery Day, celebrated on July 17th, is about the thrill and hope of winning big money by playing lottery games, making it a day when people dream about hitting the jackpot and imagining what they'd do with their winnings.

National Get Out of the Dog House Day
National Get Out of the Dog House Day is a day when people try to make things right with someone they've upset, getting themselves out of trouble or making up for a mistake.


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