February 9, 2002

Here are all the facts you need to know about your birthday on Saturday, February 9, 2002:

🕰️ Born into › Generation Z
🎉 Next birthday will be on › Monday
🎂 How many days until my birthday

Countdown time to your next birthday:

🍿 Number one movie › Spider-Man
🎮 Number one video game › Metroid Prime
🎵 Number one song › "U Got It Bad" by Usher

🐎 Chinese Zodiac › Horse
☀️ Sun Sign › Aquarius
💨 Zodiac Element › Air
🌠 Zodiac Quality › Fixed
🪐 Ruling Planet › Uranus ♅
🐼 Spirit Animal › Otter

🔢 Life Path Number › 6
🌼 Birth flower › Violet
🪨 Birthstone › Amethyst
📅 Lucky day › Wednesday
Power Color › Blue

Gas price per gallon › $1.36
🔌 Electricity price per KWh › $0.08
🍞 Bread price per pound › $1.02
🍻 Alcohol price per 16oz › $0.99
🥛 Milk price per gallon › $2.76
🥚 Eggs price per dozen › $1.03
🍌 Bananas price per pound › $0.51

🏛️ President of United States
🌎 World population › 6,302,149,639 Source: un.org

⚡️ You’ve traveled over 13,115,200,000 miles through the Milky Way.
⚡️ You have blinked over 200,662,560 times in your lifetime
⚡️ Your heart beat over 944,294,400 times.
⚡️ You have taken about 1,377,096,000 steps.
⚡️ You have taken about 165,251,520 breaths since your birth.

⏱️ Your billionth (1,000,000,000) second will happen sometime on October 18, 2033.

What happened on my birthday

Zeno crowned as co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire together with his son Leo II.

British Parliament declares Massachusetts colony is in rebellion.

Japanese land troops at Chemulpo (Inchon), near Seoul, Korea; within the next three weeks they will have advanced to the Yalu River, border of Manchuria.

Japanese troops evacuate Guadalcanal, ends epic WWII battle on the Solomon Islands in the Pacific.

British government declares state of emergency after month-long coal miners' strike.

Famous people with my birthday

Carmen Miranda, Portuguese vocalist and actress (Copacabana; Date With Judy)

Janet Suzman, South African actress (Dry White Season, Nuns on the Run)

Peggy Wood, American actress (One Life to Live; Mama)

Brian Wenham, British journalist (BBC), and media consultant

Shelly Martinez, American wrestler

Roger Mudd, American Emmy and Peabody Award-winning journalist and TV news anchor (CBS Weekend News; NBC Evening News; Meet The Press)

Bella Poarch, Filipina-American singer and TikToker (most liked video on TikTok)

David Gallagher, American actor

Holidays on Saturday, February 9th

National Develop Alternative Vices Day
National Develop Alternative Vices Day, celebrated on February 9, encourages people to swap out harmful habits like smoking or excessive screen time for healthier ones, promoting better physical and mental well-being.

Read In The Bathtub Day
Read In The Bathtub Day, celebrated every year on February 9th, is all about enjoying your favorite book while soaking in a warm, relaxing bath, away from all the noise and distractions of the outside world.

Pizza Pie Day
Pizza Pie Day, celebrated on February 9th, is when people in the United States celebrate their love for pizza, a dish that has ancient roots but was perfected by Italians and became widely popular in America after World War II veterans returned craving it.

National Cut the Cord Day
National Cut the Cord Day, marked every February 9th, is a day created by Sling TV to encourage people to ditch expensive cable TV and switch to cheaper streaming services instead.

National Toothache Day
National Toothache Day, celebrated on February 9, is a day to remember how important it is to take care of our teeth to avoid the painful experience of toothaches.


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