April 2, 1979

Here are all the facts you need to know about your birthday on Monday, April 2, 1979:

🕰️ Born into › Generation X
🎉 Next birthday will be on › Thursday
🎂 How many days until my birthday ›

Countdown time to your next birthday:

🍿 Number one movie › Kramer vs. Kramer
🎮 Number one video game › Asteroids
🎵 Number one song › "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor

🐐 Chinese Zodiac › Goat
☀️ Sun Sign › Aries
🔥 Zodiac Element › Fire
🌠 Zodiac Quality › Cardinal
🪐 Ruling Planet › Mars ♂
🐼 Spirit Animal › Hawk

🔢 Life Path Number › 5
🌼 Birth flower › Sweet Pea/Daisy
🪨 Birthstone › Diamond
📅 Lucky day › Tuesday
Power Color › Red

⛽ Gas price per gallon › $0.86

🏛️ President of United States ›
🌎 World population › 4,380,585,755 Source: un.org

⚡️ You’ve traveled over 26,473,600,000 miles through the Milky Way.
⚡️ You have blinked over 405,046,080 times in your lifetime
⚡️ Your heart beat over 1,906,099,200 times.
⚡️ You have taken about 2,779,728,000 steps.
⚡️ You have taken about 333,567,360 breaths since your birth.

⏱️ Your billionth (1,000,000,000) second was on December 9, 2010.

What happened on my birthday

Mehmed II begins his siege of Constantinople (Ä°stanbul), which falls May 29.

Explorer Juan Ponce de León claims Florida for Spain as the first known European to reach Florida.

The Coinage Act is passed establishing the United States Mint and authorizing the $10 Eagle, $5 half-Eagle & 2.50 quarter-Eagle gold coins & silver dollar, ½ dollar, quarter, dime & half-dime.

Napoleonic Wars: The British led by Horatio Nelson destroy the Danish fleet in the naval Battle of Copenhagen.

US President Woodrow Wilson asks Congress to declare war against Germany.

Ras Tafari Makonnen becomes Emperor Haile Selassie of Abyssinia (Ethiopia).

Several thousand Argentine troops seize the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands from Great Britain.

Famous people with my birthday

Gloria Henry [McEniry], American actress (Dennis the Menace)

Jesse Plemons, American actor (Fargo, The Power of the Dog)

Roshan Seth, Indian-born British actor (Mississippi Masala)

Bianca Chatfield, Australian netball defender (42 caps; World C'ship gold 2007; C'wealth Games gold 2014) and TV personality (The Block 2018)

Aiden Turner, English actor (All My Children)

Sharon Acker, Canadian actress (Della Street-Perry Mason 1973)

Brian Glover, British actor and wrestler (Alien 3, Kes)

Bobby Bones [Bobby Estell], American radio host and TV personality (American Idol)

Holidays on Monday, April 2nd

National DIY Day
National DIY Day is a cool day on April 2 where everyone is encouraged to get creative and tackle projects like building, decorating, or fixing things by themselves, instead of hiring someone else to do it.

National Ride Your Horse to a Bar Day
National Ride Your Horse to a Bar Day, celebrated on April 2nd, encourages people to channel their inner cowboy by riding their horse to a bar, a nod to historical times when pubs were horse-friendly rest stops.

National Love Your Produce Manager Day
National Love Your Produce Manager Day, celebrated every April 2nd in the U.S., is a day to appreciate and thank the people who work hard to make sure we have fresh fruits and vegetables in our stores every day.

National Ferret Day
National Ferret Day, celebrated on April 2nd, is a day dedicated to learning about, appreciating, and clearing up misunderstandings about ferrets, playful and friendly pets that are often unfairly judged.

National Reconciliation Day
National Reconciliation Day, celebrated on April 2nd, is a day to fix broken relationships by saying sorry and forgiving those who have hurt us, encouraging everyone to make amends without worrying about who was right or wrong.


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